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Use of our services

You are required to adhere to the policies that apply to our services.

Do not misuse our services in an abusive manner. For example, you may not interfere with the Services or access the Services in any manner other than through the interface provided by Skyline Affairs and as directed by us. You may use our services only to the extent permitted by law. This includes the legal provisions on export and re-export control. We may suspend or discontinue the provision of our services to you if you violate our Terms of Use or policies or if we investigate or determine suspected misconduct.

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Our services also include content that is not from Skyline Affairs. This content is the sole responsibility of the person who makes it available. Skyline Affairs does not embrace this. We reserve the right to review content for its illegality or violation of policies. We may remove or decline to display content if we reasonably believe that it violates our policies or applicable law.

In connection with your use of our services, we may send you communications regarding your usage and use of the services.

Some of our services are also available on mobile devices. Please do not use these services in a way that distracts you and prevents compliance with traffic regulations or safety regulations.

Your Skyline Affairs account

To use some of our services, you need a Skyline Affairs account. You can create your Skyline Affairs account yourself. A Skyline Affairs account can also be created and assigned to you by an administrator. If so, other or additional terms may apply, and your administrator may, for example, access or disable your account as further described in the Privacy Policy.

Please treat your password confidentially to protect your Skyline Affairs account. You are responsible for the activities in and with your Skyline Affairs account. If possible, do not use the password of your Skyline Affairs account for offers from third parties. If you notice any unauthorized use of your password or your Skyline Affairs account, please contact us immediately at: fraud@skyline-affairs.com.

If you have a Skyline Affairs account, as part of our services, along with your profile name and any profile photo, we will show activities that you make in our services or in the services of third parties connected to your Skyline Affairs account (for example, twitter or youtube ratings and comments you post). If we have your consent to this, this is also done in the context of advertising services. We also consider the messages and settings you have made in the Skyline Affairs account for sharing and visibility in this respect.

Privacy and copyright protection

The Skyline Affairs Privacy Policy explains how we handle your personal information and protect your privacy when you use our services.

We respond to allegations of alleged copyright infringement and terminate the accounts of repeat infringers in accordance with the German Copyright Law (UrhG) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

We provide information that enables copyright owners to exercise their rights online. If you believe that your copyright is being infringed and you wish to notify us, please notify us immediately at betrug@skyline-affairs.com.

Your content in our services

For some of our services, you can set content, e.g. Comments or ratings. You retain your rights as the author and all existing intellectual property rights in the content that you post in our services. In short, what’s yours is yours too.

By posting copyrighted or otherwise proprietary content to our services, you provide Skyline Affairs and its affiliates and Skyline Affiliates with the necessary, nonexclusive, worldwide and indefinite rights, free of charge, for the sole purpose of providing that service and only to the extent necessary to use. So that Skyline Affairs can offer the respective service, the contents have to be stored and hosted on servers, for example. The right of use therefore includes in particular the right to reproduce the contents technically. Furthermore, you grant Skyline Affairs the right to make your content publicly available only in the event that you intend to make it publicly available due to the nature of the service or if you have expressly determined that it should be made available to the public. The right to make public ends when you remove a content from a particular service or cancel the provision of public access. Certain services may be subject to additional conditions that provide for the granting of further rights. Be sure that if you upload content to our services, you may have the necessary rights to do so.

For more information on how Skyline Affairs uses and stores content, please refer to our privacy policy or additional terms and conditions for specific services. If you send us feedback or suggestions for improvement about our services, we are entitled to use this feedback and these suggestions without obligation to you.

About software in our services

If using a service requires or includes downloadable software, this software may be automatically updated on your computer as soon as a new version or feature becomes available. For some services, you can adjust the settings for the automatic update.

Open source software plays an important role for us. Part of the software used in our services may be subject to an open source license, the terms of which we provide to you. The Open Source License may contain provisions that specifically address some of the provisions of these Terms of Use.

Change and termination of our services

We are constantly changing and optimizing our services. For example, we may add or remove features or features, or introduce additional or new restrictions on our services, taking into account their respective interests.

You can stop using our services at any time, even though we’d regret this.

Your data is yours and we consider it important that you have access to this data. If we stop a service, we will, if reasonably possible, inform you in advance and give you the opportunity and sufficient time to export your data from this service, taking into account all interests involved.

Warranty and disclaimer

We provide our services in an economically reasonable manner and hope that you enjoy their use. However, a lot is not part of our service offer.

Except as expressly stated in these Terms of Use or the Additional Terms, neither Skyline Affairs, Skyline Affairs affiliates, Skyline Affairs’s suppliers or distributors make any specific representations or warranties with respect to the Services.