Apply for a job @Skyline Affairs in Frankfurt/Main!

We’re pleased to receive applications from sophisticated, attractive ladies from all over the world (minimum age 21, only with legal papers).


For more information feel free to send us a mail:

We would be glad to also receive some of your latest photos, hopefully in hi-res :), also leave us your phone number so that we can immediately call you back.

After initial contact and assessment, the skyline team will schedule your first stay with us in Frankfurt. At this point it is necessary for you to submit your application form which helps us designing your sedcard to be published on our website. The sedcard is necessary to show our guest who you are and how gorgeous you look like and of course for them to get a first impression on how a session with you could be. Together with your contact data, all services you provide will be mentioned,

Sedcard form for Ladies

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Hope to see you soon with us in Frankfurt.
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